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Default Artefacts of Solcu

Still in my crusade to revive the project, this thread will allow the creators of Solcu (us) to imagine artefacts for our world. It could be an ancient technomagi lost since millennium, an antic and powerful weapon or more simply the Last Diaper of Emperor Tajar the Brainless.

As for today...

The Face of Horror :

The Face of Horror is, basically, the crown of the Kaaral. This ancient helmet wasn't created by the Kaaradi but, as the legend said, offered by the Monster-God Mandar'marli to the ancient hero Kor ra Ath when the Ath swore to uphold the Eternal Vigil. The quality of this helmet is far beyond what mortal smiths can hope to achieve, and the metal used to craft it is unknown to the Kaaradi, even today : it is not bronze nor copper, no steel nor iron, not even vara, yet the Face of Terror is light to wear and extremely resilient. In itself, the Face looks like both a skull and a screaming face.

When the Kaaral wore the Face in war, it is said that an aura of pure Horror emanate from the helmet, which allow the Kaaral to get an edge against even Those from Below. Only the abominations from the Realm of Terror or the Undeads seem to be immune to the helm's effects.

The Face is highly revered by the Kaaradi and his protected, when not worn, by no less than six Vara'Gol.
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