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Orb of Venom

The Dragonmail of Visja Samraja

This ornamental set of armor is worn by the Grandmaster of the Dragon Knight Order. It was constructed from the scale and bone of the dragon Skarxikaus by his executioner, Imperial Magister Visja Samraja, first Grandmaster of the Order. The set consists of:

-A carved bone full helm inscribed with the sigil of Täj, the King God, and set with a band of silver around the scalp.
-A scale and bone shirt reinforced with steel links and decorated with a bronze chestplate depicting the battle between Visja and Skarxikaus. In the background of this relief tableau Anansi, the Spider God, appears as the sun looking down at them.
-A scale and leather cloak decorated with scenes from pre-imperial Täjaran history, presided over by Sept, the Owl God.
-A pair of scale gauntlets reinforced at the lower arm, backhand and finger joints with dragon bone. Upon the palm of the left glove is branded the sigil of Heshna, the Elephant God. Upon the right is Tiam, the Tiger.
-A scale and chain belt decorated with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and opals, the Täjaran sacred stones signifying Mastery, Cunning, Wisdom, Strength-in-Defense and Strength-in-Attack.
-A pair of scale and chain-mail leggings, reinforced at the shins and thighs with inscribed plates of bone.
-A pair of jointed bone greaves set with bands of silver about the ankle and calf.

It is unenchanted and prized more for its historical, artistic and material value than its utility in war.
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