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Glove of Burnished Blaze:

At first glance it looks like a simple glove of lobstered bronze and copper plate, though as you peer closer does it's splendor reveal itself. The glove has been part of wind elven folk lore and tales since before the Schism. Thought to have been forged at the height of half-giant and proto-elven cooperation in the field of magitech. The framework of the glove are made of bronze while the exterior plating are made of copper. I'ts made up of many smaller parts which fit together perfectly, allowing for far more flexibility compared to modern lobstered plate. The surface are nigh perfect, giving off a coppery shine as if dark flames moves constantly over it. When observed up close one can almost see the extremely tiny Era'thoran runes that constantly moves over it and which gives the illusion of flames.

For centuries magi and others have studied the artifact hoping to understand how it was made but all have failed as it has eluded even the brightest of minds.
The most peculiar about it isn't the material or the design of it but the intense effects it has on magic. Anyone who wears it have his internal magic siphoned by the gloves, as if it hungers for magical energies. If the wearer have too weak magical reserves he'll find himslef getting more and more fatigued until he loses consciousness, if weak enough his heart might even stop beating as if all life has been drained out of him. Thoguh the glove only siphoned magic up to a certain point until it is satisfied. A strong magi may wear it comfortably, only noticing a decrease in how fast his magic replenishes. The gain from this siphon of magic far outweights the loses as the wearer will find himself faster and more agile than before, capable of short term feats of strength he'd otherwise be unable to do. Though the more these newfound strengths are used the more magic are siphoned.

The glove have been damage or destroyed several times over the millennia but a skilled magi can, through a serious of magic commands, start an integral spellwork which will repair the glove to pristine conditions. Though the caster must be wary of the greatly increased siphon of magic of this spellwork. Many lesser magi have died while the glove have repaired itself, their magic quickly drained as if caught by a vampire.

The glove was last worn by the famous explorer Phineus Eickmann, who carried it for over a century. When he passed away it disappeared and haven't been seen since then.

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