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Originally Posted by Thornedale View Post
It could've been much better if they made the Underbelly just a seedy place full of liaisons for all sorts of "underground" groups (secret services, assassins, organized crime, initiatic societies, etc.) which are naturally inclined to maintain connections with everyone, having their interests everywhere. It's perfectly reasonable on it's own, and a good enough background for a Rogue class hall. There was absolutely no need to make up some overarching organization for that sake.
Aye, I don't think the idea of several secret/spy type groups coming together is bad given the Legion context, but this whole "They're really the Rulers of the World." is fucking shocking writing, it reads like bad fanfiction.

Absolutely disgusting.

Also, all this talk of Shattered Hand. Why, exactly, are any Orcs from AU Grey? It was, at least as I understood it, only MU Blackrock Orcs (So Green Orcs) that had spent years inside Blackrock Mountain that had developed a Grey tint to their skin. Now it's suddenly like half the Orcs are Grey for no real reason, silly.
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