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Default Blizzard Community Blues

I'm loving Legion and enjoying the rest of Blizzard's games lately.

As far as the community is concerned, I feel out of place. Old. Everywhere I look on Twitter I see younger people that I don't really fit in with. Even the Blizzard staff look fresh out of high school to me now. Their topic of conversation is also typically difficult for me to relate to. Am I getting too old for the Blizzard community? Does anyone else feel a shift compared to even a few years ago? I know part of that is social media in general (I don't understand how to use Snapchat, even though I tried a few times), but it's all a bit jarring to me.

One thing that's good is that when I play WoW and group up with people I can mostly relate. It's mostly on Twitter, forum posts, and outside the game community stuff that I feel totally out of place. Thoughts?
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