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Krainz's correct predictions:

a.) Saurfang reveals Sylvanas' plans to the Alliance

b.) the Alliance attacks Zandalar on full force thanks to Saurfang's info

d.) the Horde retaliates on full force by attacking Kul Tiras

e.) Azshara becomes a threat

k.) Faction War zone is going to be a return to Teldrassil and Lordaeron, given that the players later returned to the Broken Shore

l.) Alternatively, the Faction War zone is going to be Crestfall or at least make mention to it

m.) There will be Faction invasions that would use the same tech of the Legion invasions

Menel'dirion's correct predictions:

-Somewhere in 8.1 is the opportunity to unlock Zandalari and Kul Tirans.

Commander Rotal's correct predictions:

-) Island Expeditions and War Fronts will end up being huge flops with players.

Deicide's correct predictions:

The Lich King will have a role in later patches.

Crazyterran's correct predictions:

The Alliance invades Zandalar in an attempt to break the stalemate, with the only open landing point, pushing the Vulpera to seek the Hordes aid. The Horde player pushes the Alliance back, but not without the Vulpera homeland.


Krainz: 7
Menel'dirion: 1
Commander Rotal: 1
Deicide: 1
Crazyterran: 1

Next point tallying-up will be when 8.2 hits the PTR.

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