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Round 2:

Menel'dirion's correct predictions:

- The Alliance Naval Advantage that they claim at the Battle of Dazar’Alor is going to crash into the bottom of Nazjatar.

- We’ll see Gral again in Nazjatar.

Commander Rotal's correct predictions:

-) Sub numbers will continue to plummet.

Grimtale's correct predictions:

Thrall will come back to lead the Horde and win the war against the Alliance.

(under consideration: Thrall has returned, we have to see if he will lead the Horde as a whole and also win the war against the Alliance)

Machalak's correct predictions:

- New heritage armor : Goblin, Worgen

Icefrost's correct predictions:

- Night elves will be forced to withdraw from Kalimdor due to some timely excuse of a global threat. We'll learn long after the fact from a dev tweet or some other low-key source that the elves were the canonical winners of the battle for Darkshore and totally held the place for all of 5 minutes.

(under consideration: a dev interview says Tyrande has gotten her revenge and there's a new global threat, but we're still waiting on more details about if there's still fighting going on in Kalimdor becore fully considering this one)


Krainz: 7
Menel'dirion: 3
Commander Rotal: 2
Deicide: 1
Crazyterran: 1
Machalak: 1

Under Consideration:
Lord Grimtale: 1
Icefrost: 1

Next point tallying-up will be when 8.2.5 hits the PTR OR 8.3 is announced (whichever happens first).

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