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My solution for this is pretty simple.

First, the Undead, following the probable defeat or exile of Sylvanas from the position of Warchief, nevertheless take back huge swaths of the northern Eastern Kingdom. Now convinced that they need to secure themselves against both the Alliance who remember their atrocities as well, and to not rely on the remainder of the Horde who now blames them for the war, they reestablish an independent position in the north.

Tirisfal, Silverpine, and Hillsbrad come into their control, with Thoradin's wall being their primary defensive structure against the newly emergent Strom. They are unable to press into Gilneas or into the Hinterlands, but they do secure Alterac with the assistance of the remaining Syndicate, who pledge their loyalties to the Horde in exchange for being able to bring the kingdom of Alterac back into existence.

The Forsaken meanwhile expand into the plaguelands, using the remaining lesser Val'kyr to bring as many holdover scourge as they can into their ranks - and destroying any who can't be in that way freed from the scourge, or convinced to join their cause. As for what remains of the Argents, it's much the same thing: assist us, stay out of our way, or die. The Forsaken will for political reasons avoid direct confrontation - you won't see them marching on Hearthglen or Light's Hope Chapel, but if the Argents should interfere with what they're doing elsewhere, the gloves will come off.

This gets us to the capitol - just make it Stratholme. Not an underground version of Stratholme, just Stratholme. The burned down buildings are replaced with ones built in the Forsaken style, and the various quarters of the city are repurposed to serve as the new Forsaken capitol.
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