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Probably after Sylvanas is gone and there are no new Forsaken being raised as there are no valkyries left, the number of Forsaken is now small.

Probably, we're gonna get Calia and her 'lightforged' forsaken who are going to rebuild Lordaeron.

So I would imagine the leftovers of Forsaken banding together somewhere in Kalimdor, maybe dungeons of Orgrimmar, maybe Felwood or Desolace, depends how active night elves are there. I don't see them having a new proper city, they currently need to rediscover their nation again after Sylvanas, find a new purpose.

As an alternative, they could go to Northrend and join Lich King leaving Horde for good.

As a solution for gameplay reasons, I like the idea of a flying necropolis or a completely new city somewhere in Hyjal (drain Mooglade and build a city of death on top of night elven sanctuary?).
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