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Originally Posted by Tauren Paly View Post
And yet despite people now bow down and blowing voljin, he won't move orgrimmar away from the desert anymore then garry did. Of course kosak won't mention how the issue of drought or starvation is the same as it's always been, can't possibly taint his favourite trolls new image.

At least garrosh knew what needed to be done in order to survive, invade and take what was needed to live.
Not to mention he actually intended to move the Horde capital into the verdant forests of Ashenvale. No more blistering heat, no famine and desert drought.
Originally Posted by Chris Metzen
I'm developing a really weird aversion to the color red...
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I think I could go down to McDonalds, order a strawberry milkshake, take the bus to the park, enjoy the weather, and then go home, and it'd still be enough to somehow piss off alliance players.
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