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Originally Posted by Anasterian View Post
Not to mention he actually intended to move the Horde capital into the verdant forests of Ashenvale. No more blistering heat, no famine and desert drought.
Why didn't they just move to Mulgore?

I mean, it's close enough to the Barrens, the Tauren never seemed to have much issue with food even just hunting not to mention how fertile it is. You get rid of the Quilboar and Centuar problem which gives the scrappy shits something to do (and means more resources 4 da h0rde). It's not like Mulgore is exactly claustrophobic.

As a bonus, you're not pissing off the natives since they're your BFFs.
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you're the edgemaster 9000 with the leet memes who's close second to Gurzog in shitposting.
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