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Originally Posted by Ruinshin View Post
The left and right dont even mean the same things in American politics as they do the rest of the world.

The government telling reporters what they can and cant talk about in the US would be considered extremely authoritarian, but the UK does it all the time.

I mean, this is not about America vs how the UK sees it though.

In most of the World, ‘left’ and ‘right’ are Economic first. Otherwise, you only need to look at the so-called ‘left’ parties in countries like India and see that they are not socially liberal in comparison to American, or even Western perception of the ‘Left’. But economically speaking? They would be considered Leftist, and that party’s entire system would be based on leftist thought.

Here’s what I would think when I think of these terms. Where would you classify Americans fitting into each of these? Because many of them would not fit in either the Democrats nor the Republicans.

Far Left(Authoritarian) - Communism

Far Left(Libertarian) - Social Anarchism

Left- Socialism

Centre left - Social Democracy/Liberal Socialism

Centre- All forms of economic liberalism, whether classical or neoliberal

Centre Right- Liberal Conservatism

Right- Socioeconomic Conservatism

Far Right - Fascism

Now, I would mention that in many cases it is the Centre that is most pro immigration, with both Left and Right being less inclined towards for different reasons. The Danish Left parties just won an election on a restrictive immigration platform.

I’d also like to add that a decently sized minority of Brexiteers are Left wing. We call them Lexiteers. Some of them are prominent Labour Party politicians.

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