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I will say that I lol'd at Drz's picture.
"I'll tell ya what de Horde is. De Horde that me an' Thrall built. It be a family. When de whole world try ta put us down, da family come an' pick us back up."
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This is more of a 5.0 idea, as Emerald Dream is SOOOOOOO boring to make ideas about since we dont know anything about it >_>

The seas of Azeroth are filled with mysterious and ferocious creatures and if this was Blizzard writing, this section would never be complete or bothered for.

Sasquatch: The savage Sasquatch are spread across the tropic islands and isles of the South Seas. The Sasquatch are distant cousins of the Wendigo of Northrend and the Yeti of the Eastern Kingdoms.
The largest population of Sasquatch live on the island of Tel'abim, where they rule of their lesser kin the Ban'ko. The monkey-like Ban'ko live under constant slavery from the Sasquatch and those who separate from their masters get caught and likely sacrificed by the sinister Shadetusk Trolls who are speculated to work under a far more sinister force (Underwater Minions and the Sea Witch).

Note: The sunken Darkspear isle is like the Vault of Archavon in this expansion and located beneath the Blood Sea, south of the Maelstrom.

Kraken: The great Krakens are minions of the elemental lietaunt Neptulon the Tidehunter. Some say, that there bizarre tentacled features has been caused by the Old Gods themself.
Recently, the Kraken has returned to the seas of Azeroth and according to the zandali prophets, the return of the Kraken also heralds the comming of the Tidehunter...

Note: 5.2 will release the patch "The Zigguarts of Zuldazar" where Neptulons own Kraken is and the Old God in sea is there. And then 6.0 would be Elemental Plane with Neptulon himself in it. 5.1 is the Battle of Zin-Azshari and 5.3 is the Palace of Nazjatar.

Naga Anomaly: The Naga anomalies are shrouded in mystery. The females appear to have the hair of serpents and the males large tentacles. Some say its due to the Maelstroms mutating energies, but a few scholars say that these are lietuants of Azsharas ancient master. Empress Azshara is probably the most famous Naga anomaly.

Note: They are directly linked to the Old God under Zandalar Island.

Bounty Lord: Plunder Isle or Hiji is dominated by the Bloodsail Bucchaneers, who are in conflict with the Blackwater Raiders.
The Bounty Lords rule over the pirates and to survive on Plunder Isle, adventures must choose their side or they might get shoot up their face. Rumors say that the Bloodsail secretly cooperate with the Naga.

Note: Hiji will be the Sholazar of the Sea but with Pirates instead of Gorlocs and Wolvar.

Pandaren: The Pandaren inhabit the great island of Pandaria. Pandaria was once protected by powerful gems, but as pirates found there way to this phantom island, the invisbility barrier protecting the land disappeared and the Pandaren are now exposed to the rest of the world who seeks to steal their land and treasures.

Makrura: The Makrura have their capital city beneath the terryfing storms of the Maelstrom. There they are in a constant struggle with the Naga. The Makrura are spread over many other parts of the whole Great Sea aswell, where they have befriended both the Horde and the Alliance in their struggle.

Note: They are a neutral faction of reputation that will yield nice rewards when Nazjatar is released.

Zandalari Troll: The Zandalari Empire is the most mighty faction of trolls, fortunaly this tribe of Trolls are friendly towards other races. All other trolls orginates from the Zandalarian.
Recently, a relic of great power was brought to Zuldazar together with a risen troll priest. The exact events are unknown, but the use of the stone angered the Tidehunter, making him launch an invasion of Water elementals upon Zuldazar. Today Zuldazar lies desolated, occupied by Water elementals and the crazed servants of Neptulon - the Zandalari.

Note: Suprise, they are Loa god avatars too... they have the following prophets: Turtle, Coatl, Snap Dragon and Basilisk.

Sea Giant: The Sea Giansts were shaped by the Titans to watch over the oceans. Unfortunaly, they were heavily affected by the Curse of Flesh and many of them died. A few Sea Giants have allied with the Makrura but others have joined the Underwater Minions or even been enslaved by the Naga.

Kvaldir: The Kvaldir were awakened a few years ago. Now they have made their permanent home on the Blackened Islands in the North Sea. There they fight with both Tuskarr aswell as the lost Bone Fleet of the Scourge.
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