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Default The story of Shane Howell

Introduction, pt. 1.
Azeroth… A place of war and fighting… Why would life in the cities be much different from that on the battlefield? Take my old home for example; Stormwind. The city is severely divided, and there are countless of gangs and rebel youngsters. But on the outside Stormwind looks like the ideal place to live in. Well of course it looks like that when the city is being run by a bunch of rich know-it-all’s; The House of Nobles. What a fucking joke. They are supposed to lead our city now that our king has gone away to play house with the greenskins over seas.
My name is Shane Howell. I was a member of the SI:7, before I got kicked out of Stormwind by that bitch Lady Prestor. Apparently she didn’t like my way of interrogating the black dragons. I’ll show her, and the rest of those daft nobles, and then we’ll see who’s laughing.

When me and my guys got thrown out of the SI:7 and Stormwind, we decided to settle down elsewhere, far away from Stormwind, but still close enough to be able to hear news and rumours. We took our bags and traveled south, to Duskwood. It had been severely ravaged by all kinds of fucked up horrors, and the townsfolk weren’t too friendly towards new people. They allowed us to stay in their inn for a while, but once the news about us reached their ears, they drove us away. Lady Prestor didn’t want us anywhere near her, or her people. And I say her people because Stormwind was pretty much ruled by her.
We had to flee from the mob of angry farmers and townsfolk, and finally after several hours of running we reached an old abandoned mine. It seemed the ones who once worked here had been killed by the local worgen. Me and the guys had to clean out the corpses and bones to make the mine more inhabitable. It became fairly cozy once we were done. It was a nice place for the twenty of us to live in.
For weeks we just lived inside the mine. We had to kill wolves and bears to be able to eat. A few of us sneaked in to Duskwood every now and then to snatch some ale and listen to the news. Apparently I had a price on my head, and Lady Prestor would kill anyone who worked with me. It seemed she thought I was some kind of rebel leader wanting to throw her off the throne. That was only half true at the time. I did want her off the throne, but I was no leader of a rebel group… yet.
My younger brother, Carlisle, had followed me. He was grown up and could take care of himself, but he thought it would be smart to tag along, considering I had a price on my head, and he would probably get tortured or killed if he showed up in Stormwind.

After a few months of living in the mine a couple of more people had joined us, and lived together with us in the mine. They had been thrown out of their towns and villages just as we had. That was when I realized a group was forming, and that I would be the leader.
Introduction, pt. 2.
I took my fork and tapped the side of my glass.
“Most honorable inhabitants of this glorious mine, I have some important words I need to tell you.” I began. “We have all been kicked out of our homes, and as I speak our oppressors sit on their fat arses drinking their wine, and eating their cheese. I will not stand idle and watch them grow bigger. Something must be done.” I looked at the faces of my brethren. They knew the words I spoke were truth. Carlisle, my brother, raised his glass of ale.
“I hear ya, brother! We stand by your side whatever you do!” He yelled.
The rest of the inhabitants of the mine raised their glasses as well. I calmed them down.
“Easy, my friends. Let’s not waste all of our ale swinging those glasses all over.” They laughed. “I understand you want something to be done and that swiftly. But there is only so much we can do at one time. First of all we need some gold.”
The men emptied their pockets on the table.
“A few coins aren’t enough… We need gold so we can hire an army. Most of us have a price on our head, so we can’t simply walk in to towns and buy what we want. We need to be stealthy and swift.” I knew what I learned in the SI:7 would pay off. It was now.
“For starters, you must all realize we can’t do this all the legit way.” Some of the men looked at me with dark eyes. “Doing things according to the laws of the land will take years. We will have to affiliate ourselves with local gangs and thieves. We need to learn how they get their gold.” I continued. “However, I don’t wish for any of you to harm any innocent people… unless they work together with Lady Prestor and the rest of those fucking nobles. I want their heads on a tray!”
The men cheered. My speech had paid off. I had my group of rebels.
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