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Old 07-01-2018, 11:33 AM
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Night Elf Icon (War3) City Planning: Design a New Night Elf Capital

So here’s the challenge: design a new home and Headquarters for the Night Elf Race. At a minimum, describe
1. It’s location
2. It’s layout (various districts, what classes are where, what professions are taught where, etc.)
3. Various attractions and cultural sites.

If you have the requisite tools and skills, I’d love to see maps, scenic pictures, etc.

I intend to do another one for the Undead. Maybe for Allied Races as well.
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Old 07-03-2018, 08:25 PM
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I'll take a better look at this later but my preferences for night elves would be:

A new capital build atop Mount Hyjal, either below Nordrassil at its peak or around the lower slopes that got burnt by the fire elementals and are now healing;

Failing that, a new capital built around the Temple of Elune and Lorlathil, including the Grove of Cenarius, all in Val'Sharah, perhaps connected via the Dream Portals to Hyjal;

Failing that, a new capital around Seradane, with outposts in the southern Eastern Plaguelands and fostering relations with Wildhammer dwarves and Highvale elves.
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Old 07-13-2018, 07:24 AM
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Moonglade - Nighthaven. Update all the buildings there with the HD Night Elf ones in Legion. Fits perfectly, and could open up a possibility for the Kaldorei Worgen and Furbolg allied races.

Alternatively, going with the Broken Isles idea. Lorathil could work too, and a rebuilt Azsuna too.
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Old 07-22-2018, 08:38 AM
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Night Elves unilaterally decide to cut their losses and abandon the sinking ship that is Kalimdor. Fuck it, the Horde can have it. It's all broken in half and on fire anyways.

Having taken refuge in Stormwind, the Night Elves look to nearby regions to move into and inhabit. And those Gurubashi Trolls to the south are probably too weak to fight back, what with the decades of being invaded and continuously defeated. The thick jungles of Stranglethorn Vale will suit the Elves just fine. It's not too different from their former home; there's trees, there's cats, there's magic.

So they set up shop in Zul'Gurub. It's free real estate, basically. And there are a buncha temples and shrines just waiting to be recycled and used, Mother Mooning them up a bit. And the nearby Horde encampment will probably not be too much of a problem either. That settlement is a glorified zeppelin tower built from sticks. All it takes is one wave of flaming arrows and that place is royally fucked.
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Old 07-22-2018, 04:46 PM
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On that note, wherever they set up shop, there should be a special Demon Hunter building. What should that be like and who else should share a neighborhood with that?
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Old 07-24-2018, 08:55 PM
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I was asked to comment in this thing... so I guess I will.


The Night Elf tactic going back to Cataclysm appears to be to allow the enemy into the territory the Night Elves are defending, and to proceed to defeat them in detail, striking from ambush from forested locations and applying large concentrations where necessary. The screenshots I have of post burning content aren't enough to comment on fully, but they do seem to show this idea. So I will assume that the Night Elves use this tactic to reassert control over Darkshore and parts of Ashenvale.

I'm going to also assume that the Cenarion Circle as we know it is doomed. At this stage, with the massive loss of life implied by Teldrassil's destruction, I would expect the Horde members of the circle to be given this ultimatum by their numerically superior Night Elf colleagues - surrender or die. The ensuing druidic bloodbath is a mess. There are many Night Elves who won't kill former colleagues just because they're Tauren are Trolls. There are a number of Horde druids who object so strongly to what happened, that they actually join with the Kaldorei. The Wardens are brought in to quell the situation, and a month after the burning, the Cenarion Circle is a firmly Kaldorei organization. Even the sympathizers are treated as potential spies by the watchers and are accordingly, rounded up and killed.

Now, going back as far as Vanilla, there has been a small community of gnomes that has advocated for the Night Elves to adopt magic and technology to protect their forests. We saw them helping to strike out against the venture company in Stonetalon, and their influence exploded in Cataclysm - with them appearing at Stardust Spire, and in the Stonetalon Mountains once more. By now, as the Night Elves encounter questions of where to evacuate the civilian population to and how to supply isolated sentinel groups all over the north of the continent, their suggestions begin to be taken seriously. We'll call the lead gnomish advisory engineer Dr. Otto von Otto.


In terms of the location and structure of the intended refuge, two thoughts come to mind. One: Mount Hyjal is one of the most easily defensible, and now least contested points on the continent. Two: that whole city in a mountain idea that the Dwarves had going on worked pretty well. The Wardens volunteer their old barrow prisons - which are rapidly transformed by druidic woodshifting - into the city that will jokingly (at first) be called "Barrownaar".

One of the major points of the city is to act as a sort of railway hub for an idea that Dr. Otto thought up - excavating a network of tunnels between those barrow deeps and others that can be quickly closed off in case of attack, but can be used to quickly ferry soldiers and supplies to threatened sectors. The actual rail design is simple: there is a double-railed track and a groove for an overhead hook. Single cars, shaped of wood and consisting entirely of passenger and cargo space (no engine), are primarily used, but two or three could be linked together if needed. The cars are propelled with living roots that poke down into the cavern at certain intervals. They grasp a part of the car and send it hurtling down the track, and the next ones down the line push it along in a similar fashion. In time, tunnels like these will be used to supply barrow dens as far east as Dor'danil, but the first one is used to link four growing "quarters" of the city, loosely arranged into something of an oval, arrayed around the surface entrance of the city. Each quarter is capable of being sealed off from the others and from the center in the event of a successful attack, but the area around the entrance is the most well defended - mostly by treants, large roots that mostly lie dormant, but can be agitated to thrash around the chamber, and arrow slits, accessible from small defense tunnels that extend in from the surrounding quarters.

The Chamber of Spiders

The Wardens have long designated some sections of their dens to hold spiders. Spider meat is rich in nutrients, and most people can't tell it apart from crab - not that Kaldorei would much care, they make kebobs from the stuff. In the past, Wardens would sometimes leave prisoners among the sacs of eggs waiting to be hatched, and now, this chamber is the usual destination for enemy war dead, and enemy prisoners, whose meat is useful in keeping the spider population where it needs to be (the spiders tend to prefer live prey). When needed, the spiders are then hunted to feed the city.

Nothing is wasted when a prisoner is sent to be fed to the spiders. Their clothing and any jewelry is taken and reused for something else. Accordingly, in addition to the hunter trainer, the stable, and the cooking profession trainer, you will also find leatherworking trainer, the archaeology trainer, and the jewelcrafting trainer in this quarter.

The Chamber of Gears

Despite their enthusiasm for large machines, the gnomish advisors quickly learned that steam tanks, gyrocopters, and walkers didn't really fit with the way that Kaldorei fight wars. Accordingly, the gnomish advisors and a growing number of curious acolytes have honeycombed small workshops throughout a section of the old barrow dens that are mostly used to create small devices such as gnomecorders, rangefinders, and most of all, bombs - because sentinels are turning out to be excellent saboteurs and sappers.

The quarter doubles as something of a trade hub, given that the underground network of tunnels runs through Nighthaven, and from there, out to a port that was hastily constructed after Lor'danel was retaken. This quarter therefore also plays host to the city's foreign population, including the Order of the Purifier - a paladin order made up of Theramore survivors, veterans of the various conflicts in the barrens, and Silver Hand veterans named after Delgren the Purifier - the Silver Hand Paladin slain by the Horde during the last war.

The Paladin class trainer, the auction house, and the barber shop, as well as the engineering, mining, and blacksmithing trainers can all be found here.

The Chamber of the Betrayer

This chamber is where Illidan was imprisoned, and under the pressures of war, it has been converted into a haven for those elements of Kaldorei society that they may not have appreciated in the past, but are forced to deal with now. This means the Demon Hunters and the Highborne - both under the watchful gaze of the Wardens, who maintain a significant presence here. They have, for now, tolerated the presence of warlocks here as well, but under the condition that their activities, like the activities of the others who reside in this chamber, are carefully and strictly monitored.

Rogue, Mage, Demon Hunter, and Warlock trainers, as well as the enchanting and tailoring profession trainers and the transmogrification npcs, can all be found here.

The Chamber of Elune

Despite the lack of resources and space, it was nevertheless deemed important to build a new temple to the goddess Elune. Arranged around a moonwell, this chamber is a faithful recreation of the one that stood in Darnassus, except it has gained something of a "basement" level - where the Cenarion circle has established itself. If Tyrande and Malfurion return to Kalimdor, this is where they will probably run the nation from.

The priest, druid, and shaman trainers can be found here, as can the reputation and mount vendors.
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Old 06-13-2019, 10:23 AM
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The Shen'dralar should use this opportunity to push the reconquest of Eldre'Thalas (Dire Maul for the peasants). Then they should use it as a staging point against the tauren and their hypocrite pacifism. Maybe hire some centaurs to deal with them more effectively.

The only way to defeat the Horde is to make its members suffer the consequences of the war on their own lands, see if they stay so numb about it then.

Hyjal could work too, but it's far too disadvantageous. Night elves need to go on the offensive, not the defensive.

Of course, enough night elves should remain north to establish a guerrilla as a distraction. Ashenvale can easily become the Vietnam of the Horde, while the central army advances from the south.

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