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Old 05-31-2019, 06:01 AM
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Default Classic WoW and the Forsaken starting zone experience

Inspired by Nixxiom’s comparison of Classic WoW’s Undead-starting zone with the current version, I want to point out some things that I think Classic WoW did better regarding storytelling:

1. Waking up in a crypt with an ominous „Agnus Dei“ chant really creates a feeling of… well, being forsaken. „Agnus Dei“ (Latin: „Lamb of God“) might hint at the fact that many Forsaken feel abandoned by the Light. They are looking for a new „shepherd“, so to speak.

2. The dynamic of fear and hatred between humans and undead gets explained due to additional quests: Novice Elreth asks you to fullfill the last wish of her friend Marla Fipps and bury her husband, who killed her when he was transformed into a mindless ghoul. The Warlock class teacher sends the player character a note, informing him or her that many Undead have been ostracized by their loved ones (most likely because of these incidents).

3. Due to slower health regeneration, the player character is more or less encouraged to use the racial ability „Cannibalism“. I think this is very important, because it underlines the fact that you are not just „a human with a skin disease“- you really have the ability and perhaps even the urge to eat human flesh to get stronger. It explains why so many Humans shun even free willed undead. I don’t think this trait gets mentioned ever again in the novels. To my knowledge, the humans in „Before the Storm“ even welcome their undead relatives with open arms, as if nothing happened. Compare this to Point 2.

4. The Gunther Arcanus questline shows that the Undead that rule Undercity have a more pragmatic attitude towards undeath. In accordance with Sylvanas‘ „The end justifies the means“ policy from Warcraft 3, they try to hire necromancers and Liches to bolster their ranks. The Royal Apothecaries are even more extreme: They compare humans to „mold on the flesh of a rotten corpse“ and openly endorse undeath (but not mind control, at least of former humans).

5. Point 3 and 4 combined illustrate what divides Undead and Humans: Not just a simple political affiliation, but a general attitude about what is considered „inhumane“ and „unholy“.

My major criticism of the Tirisfal storyline is that the Forsaken are shown to be somewhat too competent. By which I mean: They successfully hold the Scourge in the East at Bay, their ranks are filled with former Kirin Tor Mages, and if you have played Warcraft 3, you know that Sylvanas single handedly defeated the Scourge armies of 3 Dread lords. Since no orcish allies are in sight, you have to wonder why they even felt the need to ally with anyone.
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Old 05-31-2019, 10:56 AM
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Interesting analysis.
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A very cool analysis, I will agree tirisfal felt a bit too solidly under the Forsaken's control.

I will say, Gunther wasn't exactly being hired given he and Bethor Iceshard were old friends.
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