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Old 11-23-2017, 08:58 PM
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Default Question: Necromancy: Void Vs. Decay

Void magic can grant one the ability to raise the dead to serve. The Shadowmoon Orcs of Draenor (AU) are a prime example of this in practice. The sixth element of Decay also grants one the ability to cast Necromantic spells. The unholy Scourge are an example of this, primarily thanks to Ner'zhul's influence.

Two methods of Necromancy exist.

How, do we theorize, both methods function mechanically, what would the pros and cons of booth be, and how do they differ?
- Arrodis on Moon Guard-US. Wikia Page.

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All six main magic types have the ability to raise the dead in some form.
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It's perhaps worth remembering that while being conceptually classifiable within their respective spheres according to their natures (as per the cosmology chart), none of these magics or the forces they represent really exist and operate independently of each other within the physical universe, or potentially within the Twisting Nether either. Metaphysically they're all the underlying "mechanics" of how everything works, so when you use the Void to raise the dead, you're theoretically manipulating Death and Life, Decay and Spirit, Order and Disorder, even the elements, etc.

None of it exists in a vacuum within the universe. Reality literally is all of these forces interacting everywhere, all of the time. Everything is, in varying proportion and degree, comprised of them all on the most fundamental level. So by using a particular magic to do something, one is arguably just using that particular force as a fulcrum to shift the rest around.

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