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Old 08-06-2015, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by ijffdrie View Post
The primary purpose of a peace negotiation is the creation of peace. As a result, the combined sum of the treaty must be considered preferable to continued fighting by both sides.

In orcish society, warriors swear personal allegiance to at least the warchief, and almost certainly their chieftain. They have vowed their honor to the service of their chieftain. Given the heavy emphasis on honor throughout all ranks of orcish society, you're not going to have the warriors hand over the chieftains without a fight. Hence, attempting a peace treaty with this as a requirement is entirely pointless. You could certainly choose to continue the war if you place a high enough value on justice (and justice alone, as there are no other gains to be made) compared to the lives that would be lost, but this thread is about negotiating a peace.

For a good real life equivalent, think of the Japanese Imperial family following World War II.
The reason for a peace treaty was usually (throughout much of history) the victor in a war dictating terms to the loser. Some peace treaties nowadays have not had a winner and loser component to them, but the vast majority of peace treaties were basically surrender terms. Which is what the Horde should have had; terms of its surrender to the Alliance.

As Galdus says, it's not even close to like what happened to Japan after WWII. The Japanese were crushed militarily and economically. They lost -everything- they had gained in territory, many of their cities were burned by bombing raids, two cities were nuked, hundreds of thousands or more civilians died. After the surrender, they literally had their entire government remade by the US, and they were occupied by the US for about a decade, and until recently, they were severely hampered militarily. None of that happened with the Horde. The Horde gets off nearly scott free, WITH many of its territorial acquisitions intact, no change in government at all, no reparations and no limitation on its military.

The honor of the orcs? They took a big shit on it when they rebelled. As per their 'oh so precious honor', every damned orc should have obeyed Garrosh's orders no matter what they were. The Blood Oath makes it clear you serve at the Warchief's whim. Whatever he wants, when he wants and how he wants, that is what the orcs honor is supposed to be. Instead the honor conveniently changes to fit whatever the orc/Horde member's desires/needs are. An orc can swear upon its worthless honor to be your friend and ally, and five minutes later after discovering you have something he wants, that same honor will demand he kill you and take what he craves over your dismembered body. Orc honor is as flimsy as wet toilet paper. It's not worth anything.

By all reasoning, every orc that rebelled against Garrosh is an oath breaker. Something all primitive honor bound societies -all- loathed and hated. When your word and honor are held up to be huge things, anyone (ANYONE) who breaks that is looked upon as the lowest piece of trash possible. Unfortunately Blizzard ignores that and acts as if the orcs honor is worth something even when they break it into little pieces.

The Alliance should have kept up the pressure militarily to force the Horde to bend its knee and sue for peace (and unless Blizzard lore people completely lost their minds, at least half or more of the Horde races/nations would sue for peace. None of them are going to die to the last man, woman and child for the orc race.), high price paid or not, it would very likely end the threat of Horde military aggression that has been plaguing the Alliance for 4 decades now.
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Old 08-07-2015, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Veryyawn View Post
Dalaran is Neutral, Khadgar seems to be leading the Kirin Tor, Neutrality wins!
If the Legion wasn't so utterly weak and pitiful, I would sign with it right away. Better to reduce the whole word to ashes than to let the Horde even a quare meter of it.
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critical thinking, kar gaht is evul, not our draenor, warlocks of draenor

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