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Old 12-07-2015, 10:23 AM
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Acherus is actually arguably not second to Naxxramas. The Eye of Acherus quest in the starting zone has Arthas himself say that Acherus could take down Naxxramas in a fight.
"Behold, Acherus, the grand citadel of death! It has no equal in this world! Not even the mighty Naxxramas could withstand a direct assault from the Ebon Hold."

Granted, this was said when Acherus was staffed with the Scourge's most powerful necromancers, Death Knights, Frostwyrms, and San'layn, so it's possible that that's not true anymore. But if it is still true, then the Ebon Blade is bringing the single most powerful Necropolis in the world to bear against the Legion.[/quote]

True dat, while Naxx had its own Death Knight academy, Acherus was instead a DK factory - but I imagined that production would decrease dramatically as would the sentient, Lich King commited staff, many who were originally part of the Naxx crew - leaving Naxx to once again operate as the greater danger.

Oh man, if Death Knights would've been released now, Acherus would've been made into a questing experience with at LEAST the size of the Naxxramas raid. That place really gave you a hint of the true size and might of a necropolis.

WELP, now I wish to see Malykriss completed and hijacked by Kel'thuzad, it'd essentially be a dark equivalent to Dalaran much like the Scholomance when the Magi city wasn't airborne.

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