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Old 11-09-2018, 01:07 PM
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Blizzard BlizzCon 2018 Panel Transcripts

I have posted several BlizzCon 2018 panel transcripts for those who:
  • Couldn't afford to attend, or the Virtual Ticket.
  • Have a disability.
  • Watched it, but wish a repository for when the VODs are gone.



StarCraft II: What's Next
Heroes of the Storm: Deep Dive


If fans want a specific panel from the BlizzCon schedule that is not listed here, feel free to request it. Let me know exactly why you are interested in the requested panel.

As I am getting older (w/ disability), I can no longer spend days transcribing on my own. I have been hiring professional transcribers for each panel -- ranging $12-20+ each transcript, depending on how many panelists per panel there are.

Support via Patreon or Paypal is welcome.

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