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Old 11-23-2017, 05:36 PM
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Post Spheres of Magic

Long time lurker, newbie poster.

I've been giving a lot of thought to the Spheres of Magic in the WoW universe, and how they interact. Maybe some of this is overthinking things, but I would wanted to get some others perspective on some questions and concerns I had, and what may be seeds to come

The Light is a sphere I find most interesting. I like the separation of Light vs Void not being good vs bad; the Light is flawed in many ways. The Light opposes the Void, and so you would think the Light would be most effective against the Void. This, however, is not the case. As shown in the Paladin abilities Wake of Ashes, Might of the Silver Hand, and Exorcism; the Light is most effective against Undead and Demons; Death and Fel. But not creatures from the void. Why is this? Was it just a design choice of holy paladins storming through the undead?

In WoW, there is only the "Shadow" type of magic. Warlocks, Shadow Priests, and Death Knights all use this school. However, we know Death Knights draw from Death magic. Shadow Priests draw from the Void. But what about Warlocks? We know the Burning Legion enslaved some of the void, making voidwalkers. But warlocks cast many more shadow spells than most other schools (fire, then chaos(fel) being next). Is that void magic? Why do Warlocks not struggle with madness, like Shadow Priests? Fel and Void are nowhere near eachother in the spheres. Could they be using Death power, and we don't know it?

Death Magic has only just begun to be explored. We fought the Scourge in WC3 and WotLK, but back then, all shadow magic was the same. While in gameplay, Devouring Plague and Virulent Plague are both shadow based DoTs, one is Void Magic, the other is Death. DK's are the only class to use Death Magic. I am excited to see Death based Druids in BfA; perhaps its time to explore that type of magic, as I am sure there is a big baddy there too. However, relating to my earlier question about the Light; why isn't Druidic magic super effective against Death? Why is it the Light? Further, the Burning Legion and the Void were at odds constantly. However, what about the Void and Death? The Void wants to corrupt everything; Death wants everything to decay and die. Don't corrupted things decay? Would they be allied or opposing eachother?

Another interesting point that hasn't been touched on. The spheres of magic work because they balance one another out. Long ago, Sargares killed the rest of the Pantheon, creating an imbalance and an overabundance of fel with nothing to stop it. However, now that we have defeated the Burning Legion, will that mean balance? Or will Order, the Arcane, become so overabundant it becomes the next threat? Just like Light, Order sounds good, but too much of an extreme has proven to be dangerous.

Also, why is Wind close to Death? How are the two related? Earth and Order make sense. Water and Life. Spirit and Light. Fire and Fel. But Wind and Death is not something we've seen.

These are just some scattered thoughts I had on the spheres of magic. I would love to start some conversations. Is there something clear that I've missed about the interactions of the spheres?

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Old 11-23-2017, 09:41 PM
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The positioning of the spheres in relation to each other has been confirmed to be just artistic - they had to go somewhere. So, for example, earth has no more connection to Arcane than it does to Death.
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