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Old 04-11-2014, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Westlee View Post
Oh, I understand the difference. I'm saying the difference is nonsense and meaningless. In general, magical powers in the Warcraft setting are indistinquishable from one another. Any spiritual component is tacked on and unexplored, bereft of all meaning and application in a real world day-to-day manner. Basically shamanism and druidism teaches you nothing about how to treat people and it's all about having the power to destroy your enemies.

Dark shamanism and regular shamanism are again just a change in colour scheme and the kind of tone they set.

1.) I don't believe Horde players actually know what they're talking about (or are dishonest about it) and exaggerate any percieved injustice and injury to the max. They lack any objectivity whatosever when it comes to critiquing the Horde and cannot divorce their own vision of the Horde and the meaning they've found for themselves in it from the reality.

As an example, there was no difference between Warcraft III Horde and Warcraft II Horde, except for a change in colour scheme and eco-friendliness. Everything else was the Horde having to make compromises because of the reality of having gotten their asses kicked so hard they couldn't afford to run around pillaging the country side anymore.

Point in case, Thrall threatened to fight a war that would have made the 2nd war look like a picnic. The only thing different from the Horde's previous methodology in this instance is the fact that Thrall could apparently read and write. The words and actions were the same.

I think Horde players are a bunch of liars. The shifts seen within the Horde over the decades have always been shallow and skin-deep upon close inspection, yet there is a constant preening that there has ever actually been any difference.

I wouldn't be so dismissive if Horde players weren't so adamant that their complaints weren't simply a matter of vanity. Horde players like the way the Horde looks. They like to think they're special and unique, even when they aren't.

Status quo is king.
This is some of the worst reasoning I have ever seen on this forum. Great job!
Increasingly jaded and whiny with wow lore

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Old 04-11-2014, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by belorealah View Post
This is some of the worst reasoning I have ever seen on this forum. Great job!
Same fallacious reasoning. Same use of personal attacks in lieu of substantive arguments. Same use of "Horde player" as an insult. Same almost fetishistic love for Garrosh. Same contempt for the Alliance. Same hard-on for Salandrin style violence on Horde races. Same insistence that the Horde story is perfect and that Horde players are wrong to not love it.

The more I look at it, the more I think it's Cbred.
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