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Old 09-17-2020, 05:52 PM
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What I'm about to post isn't the first post openly asking if Blizzard if Blizzard just hates the Night Elves, although I think it may be one of the last - not because I expect Blizzard to make things better but because there's very little reason to hope that they will ever make it up to us. There are a lot of responses of course, but I wanted to update this thread to highlight just three of them. I feel that they deserve your attention, and your consideration:

I mean, I feel like they set us up during the pre-launch to think that since Teldrassil was important enough to destroy, the kaldorei would be a crucial part of the main story. And we weren’t, not really. Questing with Shandris was fun, and she’s awesome, and I could watch John J. Keeshan fangirl her all day, but it wasn’t really the fist-pump moment they claimed we would eventually get. And it broke my heart when that gnome died, and then the Sentinels when we go to fight that vampire whatever, just, ouch. :frowning:

They set us up during the pre-launch quests to feel awful, sending us out into the burning zone (my favorite zone in the game) to try to rescue as many trapped and terrified people as we could, and giving us a timer and a counter showing how many we failed to save, and then not letting us go back and save more. I did them on multiple alts partly because I just wanted to keep saving people and it was a punch to the chest every time. They meant for us to feel it and they succeeded. And Elegy is a whole other story, the kaldorei getting out-stealthed in their own forests, poisoned, tricked, and that heartbreaking ending.

So, as a player, you kind of expect that you’ll get something in return. Something to balance how awful that all felt. Now, idk about everyone, but I know a lot of us never got that. The warfront felt good the first few times, but even in the warfront the last bosses are our own heroes turned against us. And then it reverts to Horde control. Back and forth, back and forth. Somewhere there exists a scene with Tyrande telling us we won, but I’ve never seen it in game, only on YouTube.

Blizzard is really good at making us feel awful but they haven’t figured out how to make us feel good again. Or they haven’t bothered, idk which.

Anyway, the point is I’d so much rather they ignored us altogether than kill us off first and then ignore us. I haven’t unsubbed because I have a sentimental attachment to my main and because I still plan to try Shadowlands, but I’ve only logged in once since June, and that was to shutter my guild. And it isn’t entirely because I’m so disappointed and wearied by the story and by the way they’ve just…defanged my favorite race and ground them into ashes (literally) with no sign of building us back up, but I’d be pants-on-fire lying if I said that wasn’t a lot of it. I played for a long, long time just kind of working around canon to feel okay about maining kaldorei, but.

Eventually I guess I just felt ground into ashes too. They slaughtered thousands and then didn’t know what to do with us so…they…just… didn’t.

Yeah, idk. Hate us and kill us and ignore us, or love us and kill us and ignore us, it still nets out to feeling like my favorite race is just there to die so someone else can go fight for Lordaeron or something.

Although I can’t go into depth right now; I do hope me being concise is enough.

Throughout Battle for Azeroth i’ve found that there were less and less roleplayers utilizing Night Elves. Felt like they were vanishing off the streets.

I think a lot of roleplay right now for Night Elves are pigeonholed into unsatisfactory conclusions that seem forced. There’s no bright light at the end of the tunnel either, personally.

As a night elf roleplayer, you’re given three options.

A) Be sad.
B) Be mad.
C) Be a sociopath who doesn’t care about the mass death of their own race and continues as normal.

I axed my nelf DK and nelf mage by race-changing them so I could RP something other than ball of rage or a sad-sack.
For me, this is just the latest sample of this problem. I'm part of this problem. Many of my old friends from WoW are part of this problem. I keep in touch with people who are part of this problem, who if they haven't rerolled have left the game entirely for greener pastures (I see far more of the latter than the former).

Shadowlands thus far doesn't appear to be doing anything to correct that. It seems instead to be a firm statement that nothing will be done, nothing satisfying anyway. (No, Tyrande's actions in the Maw do not count. They don't address the issue, and they don't try to.)

I have nothing further to say in conclusion. I guess you really can kill hope.
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