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Runes The Chronicles of Rock N' Roll Racing

So the notion of making a story archive for Rock N' Roll Racing popped up the past few days as a joke but I think it'd be fun to actually give it some thought!

A place to find the manual if you need it:

The game does have a pretty good story to start out with though on its own.

Skimmed from the manual:

Humans encountered alien life on the planet Bogmire in 2833, and the native Saurions quickly took to Rock N' Roll and Racing souped up cars, which prompted a racing commission between planets to form.

The first race took place in 2911, a Millenium after the Indianapolis 500 began, so the prize is called the Indianapolis Super Cup.

Flip Johnson from Terra won the first competition with Lightning Nitro, upsetting the former favorite Dangbar of Bogmire who'd been in the lead until Flip blew his nitro for the win. Dangbar threatened to eat flip if he ever competed again, so Flip retired to Terra and formed a racing school.

Now people from 17 different planets watch the race an

Snake Sanders - Wants to win an Indianapolis Super because Terra hasn't won one in years, and he wants to show the galaxy humans have still got it!

Cyberhawk - Formerly Boomer Bradshaw, he left his body to science and they made him a cyborg racer!

Ivanzypher - The first racer from the planet Fleagull to ever make it into the race, he wants to prove himself worthy of the racetrack.

Katarina Lyons - Princess of Panteros V, an accomplished gymnast, and athlete, Katarina wants to prove a woman can win the cup.

Jake Badlands - A former gangmember from Xeno Prime, Jake took to racing as a legitimate profession and now donates his winnings to youth programs.

Tarquinn - A racer who came up from poverty on Aurora to become a star captain and hero, paid well to feature on cosmic talkshows. Now Tarquinn aims to become the greatest racer as well!

Viper MacKay - A former pilot of an Eagle Class assault fighter, the military doesn't want him anymore so Viper races to fill his need for combat.

Grinder X-19 - A vicious racing robot made by a team of scientists on Drakonis.

Ragewortt - Prince of the Saurions, who earned his place as heir by beating out other racers and his siblings, and wants the cup held near the Throne of Bogmire.

Road Kill Kelly - Serving 14 Consecutive life terms on New Mojave, Kelly is a driver with chemically enhanced reflexes and has sworn to let no other races leave New Mojave alive.

Butcher Icebone - One of the most brilliant men in the universe, he uses his wits to outsmart opponents, especially on his frigid home planet.

J. B. Slash - An alien from planet Inferno, and the reigning Grand Champion, he's paid well by his government for winning. His alien biology gives him incredible endurance and even lets him drive with his eyes shut!

Rip & Shred - Sons of the tycoon Mondo, who wants the trophy for his collection, though they just like to race. He bribes or blackmails officials to get his sons into every race regardless of their performance.
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