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Runes Design a Magic Item or Weapon

Thought this'd be fun to toy with.

Make a magic item or weapon, can be anything from parlor tricks, utilitarian tools, or heroic weapons, to Ancient Artifacts of doom, describe it like a DnD item or just freestyle something in a little vignette, whatever you wanna do.


The Limineye: Circular dishes of varying sized, developed by the Argos (a race of cyclops with a penchant for enchantment), the dishes create a blue flame that will not spread outside the confines of the dish, and will burn much longer than wood or the available oils. Creating torches, ovens, and the like, with zero risk of the fire spreading uncontrollably. Although initially expensive they last forever unless damaged. This revolutionized lighting in Argos cities providing illumination to public places, heating homes, and aiding cooking and manufacturing in both businesses and at homes.

It also meant Argos cities grew incredibly lax with regard to planning around fires as their coastal settlements had common storms but little lightning, often leaving the land too wet and their well irrigated lands and cities at low risk.

A fact exploited to a cruel degree by Sanferi Torchbearers during the Shaping War.

Firecry: A sharp, angular helm with mixed fire and dragonwing accenting at its edges, intentionally designed to be imposing, it creates an illusory red glow around the eyes imperceptible to the wearer but completely obscuring the wearer's natural eyes to onlookers. Tyrax Fireheart wore this intimidating helm throughout his storied military career. It was not until the start of the Shaping Wars that it earned its name, when it began exhibiting the ability to project his voice across great distances, at great volumes, or direct his words more subtly to his lieutenants. Initially this was dismissed by Regalis and Protectorate commanders as a parlor trick. Tyrax was a known actor and fan of theater, but the advantages, both tactical and morale, soon became apparent as it enabled him unparalleled communication across the battlefield.

Oddly, Tyrax's ability to breathe fire was determined to be an entirely unrelated spell.
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This seems interesting.

The Wall of the Abomination
This massive wall separate the Endless Steppes from the Land of the Celestial Masters. It was built after Ro Shen and Syu Gomoon's betrayal of the other Abominations, which led to the Human uprising and the rise of the Khagan. While Syu Gomoon managed to avoid his punishment by fleeing far away from his former brethren, Ro Shen wielded his considerable powers until the end. As a fellow Fallen God, the Abominations refused to kill him. Instead, they used their powers to erect a massive wall between their lands and the wilderness where Mankind had found a refuge. They then instilled the very rocks of the wall with the essence of Ro Shen, trapping the traitor forever in it. Even today, madness befall those too close to the Wall of the Abomination, as the fury and impotent rage of Ro Shen resonate in it. only the Guardians of the Wall, specifically created to protect it, can endure such insanity and act as commanded by their Masters.

One of the very rare magical weapons which exist on the continent of Zagatïn, this mace was created roughly 11 000 years ago, when there was still Xadanu South of the Sea of Stars. Imbued with ancient powers, Xor-akad-bkor was crafted in the ore of a meteor and the wisest mages and priests of the Xadanu worked alongside the famous blacksmith known by the Giants as Many Bright Scales. Xor-akad-bkor has the power to shatter any and all armour, natural or crafted and the Xadanu's wizards managed to make the fire which surrounded its core when it fall on Zagatïn ignites anew at each powerful swing of the weapon. As of today, Xor-akad-bkor is kept in the vaults of Armektal, on the first Sovereign-Cities which was conquered by the Republic of Omre during its Southern expansion.

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Orb of Lightning

The Book of Hatred appeared to me once in a dream. I don't yet fully understand it, but there is a shadow that hangs about it, seeming to cling to the spaces through which it is moved.

Halv Sprockets are essential components to many of the most sophisticated machines used by Portal Technicians, Golem Engineers, Tonal Architects and other similar practitioners. They are each about the size of an ogre's thumb, and each consist of a strand of ley-filament, micro-printed with a unique sigilographic pattern, tightly spooled around a core of crystal. Halv sprockets are almost never interchangeable, but in spite of this and the incredible difficulty with which they are manufactured, they are instrumental to the composition of those intricately interlooping eoa fields necessary for many of the world's most famous and infamous magical devices.

Ruminome is the instrument through which the Librarian communicates Its will to Its acolytes. The casing of Ruminome is a tapering cylinder of clear adamant, within which swirl the translucent oils of distilled firmament. At the core of this soup of shifting fluid is a thin column of light that is Ruminome herself.
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And the HRE was a meme that went too far.
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You are pretty cool for being one of the bad guys.
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I was probably just upset about the Horde fleet in the Second War.
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Loki's quicksilver an odd creature, this metallic slime bonds itself into the owner's bloodstream, positioning itself in the arm of it's host. In return for the nutrients it absorbs, it will shape itself into solid tools for it's host, ranging from a simple knife to a grappling hook, each action requiring more sustenance. The creature is extremely weak to temperature though, making even the most basic of flame spells to cause the creature to retreat into it's host, making the quicksilver's abilities useless.

Gaze of the Slowpoke These viewing spectacles allow the wearer to reverse the state of an object, useful for reversing wounds or healing the wear of time. However, the time rewound is added to the user. This drawback was exploited by the empress Casselia during the eon of sand, as she sacrificed peasent after peasent child to reverse the encroaching desertification of her land.

The nameless' bane A device that summons hat-parasite eating fungal whales.
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Neocat's got it all figured out.
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I love you.
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based neokitty
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Shape up, Neocat. Fuck's sake.
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