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Old 03-14-2014, 09:20 AM
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Well, since I generally liked TCW, here are some lost opportunities:

-Some villain centric episodes, especially on Dooku, Grevious, Talzin, Separatist leaders, and Palpatine/Sidious
-I agree with Slowpoke, they should have kept Durge alive despite him "dying" in T-Canon as GL decides to overrwrite EU's original overwriting of Durge's apparent death on Muunilist--bad move on GL's part
-Introduction of Spar into G-Canon after Satine dies. Maybe CIS installs him as a Puppet by taking advantage of the power vaccum after Maul is captured by Palpatine and Vizla and Satine both die
-More role for Delta Squad instead of just bumping them up to G-Level canon
-A Sith-centric episode, probably a good way to bump some more Sith Lords up to G-Canon from C-Canor or tentative G-Canon(ie: Darth Bane who was originally mentioned in the TPM novel)
-Bounty Hunters vs. Space Pirates
-Outer Rim Sieges
-Zilo Beast being cloned
-Captain Fordo should have appeared to solidify the original T-Canon as G-Canon

Overall, I will say TCW retcons lower lvl EU if it wants to, but connects them if it wants to. Since I hate Traviss the Mando stuff was never the biggest problem through they could have had Spar show up at some time.
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