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Old 08-17-2013, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Tauren Paly View Post
So you contradict yourself right off in claiming everyones entitled to having an opinion and shouldn't be told there wrong about it, right after you've remarked in a sarcastic way of claiming I'm wrong in my own view of the matter at hand.

I do love when people write their faults for me.
You claiming that the Human kingdoms are just copy-pastes of one another save for aesthetic differences is most certainly wrong and not really within the realm of subjectivity.

And if you're going to act like a douchebag about presenting your cases, then there's no hypocrisy involved if you're given a taste of your own medicine.

Originally Posted by Tauren Paly View Post
As they should.

And thats not them having an opinion. Thats just being a douche for the sake of it. I just happen to be the one to call them up on being so.
Someones got to.
I think the funniest difference between you and me is that when I defend a character, I don't come off like I worship them on a ridiculously high pedestal.

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Tides of War was Horde-fan wank to the nth degree. And I don't get this debate now.
Originally Posted by Fojar View Post
Fuck your dumb gamergate shit I'd rather be pegged by Sylvanas than read it.
Originally Posted by Torch View Post
Just remember, the Alliance is only ever allowed to passively defend itself against the Horde, and Taurajo was Azeroth's equivalent of the Holocaust.
Old 08-17-2013, 06:24 PM
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Thrall: TotA was actually really good imo. I like Thrall in books, because Thrall in books uses more than his unbelievably large well of power to deal with things. In TotA, the final battle with (SPOILSOFLORE) Blackmoore was fought with Doomhammer, not his super jesus powers. He solved problems with him mind, not the great gifts the elements pour on him. While I hate-hate-HATE it when a story starts off with a character being "chosen" by some divine power in a way that's never explained (I'm looking at you, every warcraft book ever) and so with Ysera just getting a vision of Thrall and thinking "Of course! He's going to save us!" I hated that, but other then that, Thrall was humanized (orcized?) much better in the books, and his and Aggra's relationship was far more realistic then that of Malfurion "It physically hurts me to leave you" Stormrage.

Tides of War was better (If you rip out that prophecy bullshit at the end and throw it into the fires of hell!), but I understand people complaining about the Alliance's indifference to the whole "Horde just massacred Northwatch" business, because I hated that too. Varian and Anduin were also fairly annoying, but hey, Varian may have said "Let's be rational even though they just nuked our land", but at least he said "Ok, we're invading their capital" right afterward, and then goes through with it (Twice, no matter how shitty the second half is). And yes, he got his ass somewhat kicked, but..... I don't know where I'm going with this anymore. Fuck.
Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post
Mshadowz wins the scroll of lore, forever ever.
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