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Old 06-24-2013, 03:57 PM
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Runes Moment of Silence: Heart of Storms

It is a sad day in the world of Wc3 modding. One of the greats, the behemoths of excellence, appears to be hanging up his hat and calling it a [s]day[/s] decade.

It's been a long run for Heart of Storms. A simple idea, with huge implications. A wide variety of very talented individuals have bent their collective abilities towards seeing this thing get off the ground. As an avid researcher & self-ascribed archivist of this and other total conversions, I can opine that Heart of Storms had the most potential, the greatest opportunity for greatness. While ultimately it became too much for it's creator to handle alone and for such lengths, Heart of Storms was the example to others of what true modding can accomplish, and the heights to which it may reach. One can only hope that this doesn't bode ill for others in their modding endeavors.

Hopefully the ideas, resources, and passions of those involved will not go to waste. In a stroke of benevolence, Dmitry Rommel has graciously allowed the user Ryuthedragon to begin uploading packs of the resources used in the Heart of Storms project to The Hive Workshop. It seems he anticipates the editing of these models to further the community. What a guy.


Anyway, I have waxed a tad verbose, and hopefully not too sentimental; HoS has meant a lot to me in terms of "looking up to them". Sorta like a 'big brother' mod to me, and I'm full of conflicting emotions as to the upload of it's resources with it's evident abandonment. Hopefully this is in the right place.

Share some condolences.
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...Triumvirate has it right.
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Triumvirate; you weird.
Welcome to the club. Have a drink on the house.
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I like this guy.
If you're interested in creating custom factions & heroes in Warcraft 3, I mod that over at The Hive Workshop (Also at

My primary Project Thread:

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Old 06-24-2013, 04:35 PM
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I remember watching the trailer years ago. "Coming this summer"

Too bad it became too much. I loved the ideas they had.
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Old 06-24-2013, 04:39 PM
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