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Old 06-16-2007, 09:44 PM
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Default The Society of Zhulren

Well I've been toying with the idea of an Illuminati Society-type thing in Azeroth. And I think this'd actually be pretty plausible.

Originally Posted by Aldrius
The Society of Zhulren

An ancient society founded ten thousand years ago by Highborne aristocrats attempting to gain power, money and influence in the world. Founded by the Highborne mage Zhulren and her lover Aurian the Demon Hunter after the Sundering, but prior to the outcast of the Highborne. However, before they could be banished, Aurian and Zhulren found a hidden cove where they could live in peace with their servants. They used their powerful magic to seal it off, allowing it to become invisible and incapable of being entered by those they had not approved. For the next 10,00 years they used subterfuge and intelligence to recruit around 50 members, generating wealth and power.

Eventually, while on a scouting mission to the mesas of Southern Kalimdor, she was attacked by a band of ruthless centaur, but was quickly saved by the passing Tauren druid, Fariban Runetotem. Fariban defeated the Centaur, by the code of the Zhulren she was eligible for membership by saving the life of a member of the Zhulren Society. As the member of the Zhulren Society, the mage took an interest in the mortal druid. Seeing her as if she were a small child that would benefit from a little molding. In time, Zhulren taught her the ways of leadership, and her own unique slant on life.

Eventually, the two returned to Zhulren City and Fariban was appointed keeper of lore. Essentially the society’s librarian, but not merely as a librarian. For she now had access to ten thousand years of in depth knowledge on how the world had been working and who was responsible for what. She became Zhulren’s apprentice. Heading with her to the Stonetalon Mountains for training.

While there, Fariban engineered a brilliant assassination for Zhulren. Trapping her in a cave intended to be her tomb. Fariban returned to her comrades, and told them of how Zhulren had been ‘torn apart by vicious harpies’. Now leaderless, Aurian revealed the process of deciding the next leader. The process would be to prove who’s will was the most powerful, and the one who would be ruthless enough to lead them. Aurian and Zhulren’s eldest child, a son named Laethorius, Fariban, and several others joined the competition. Hoping to claim leadership for themselves. Unfortunately, few of them had the iron will to pass the one and only test. The test of suicide, only Fariban was capable of completing such a task, and as such, she was named leader.

Now, with power and control, Fariban Runetotem seeks to take control of the known world for her grand purpose: the ultimate good… peace.


There are 5 ranks in the Zhulren Society. Grand Master, Council Members, Field Commanders, members, and the apprentices.

There can be only one Grand Master, and there have been only two grand masters in the history of the society. The first was Zhulren Barkwalker, and the second was Fariban Runetotem.

The council members are Aldrius Marvenberg, Aurian Demonscar Lethilos Dawnkiller and Laethorius Barkwalker.

Field Commanders have the same power as council members, but instead of sitting in the city making decisions, they have jobs on the front lines of battle that they fufill. Known members are Zulmana, a shadow hunter with a great knowledge of Voodoo and Mxardin Duskstrider, a once amoral blood knight now turned Paladin of the Silver Hand.

Other members include Fawene Runetotem among others.

Zhulren was once one of Azshara’s prized handmaidens. Powerful and uncaring like all the others, she was second only to Vashj and the Queen herself when it came to the Highborne Hierarchy. After the sundering, Zhulren, her mate Aurian, and their only surviving child Laethorius, and many other Highborne followers and fled into the southern deserts, desperate to find any haven. They eventually found the rather secluded cove that they named after the family Matriarch. And from there founded a city by the same name. Using her fantastical magic powers, Zhulren created a bustling city where the three of them could live in relative peace. But that would not last long, for an attack by the recently born Centaur became imminent after several decades. Zhulren realized that they would need something to keep them safe. And so, Zhulren and the other Highborne formed a wall that would keep them from prying eyes. Making it so that only those who knew the incantation would be able to access the city.

Years passed, and Zhulren eventually found herself in danger from the rampaging Centaur once again. She was saved by Fariban, the Tauren who eventually betrayed and killed her.

Fariban Runetotem was a simple soul. A member of the Runetotem Tribe under their chieftan Hamuul. She was mated to a prominent member of the community, and had a beautiful daughter with him. Unfortunately, Fariban was unnaturally paranoid of other women stealing away her mate, and any contact that her husband even had with the opposite *** was met with suspicion. Despite this, Fariban was a caring mother and wife. Unfortunately, she was also very unkind to herself, having had a verbally abusive mother.

Fariban eventually grew so jealous of her husband’s attention towards other women. That she stabbed him in the heart and buried him in the ground. She instantly regretted her action and felt excruciatingly guilty. She dedicated herself to helping those in the wild who could not help themselves, and traveled across the endless plains to help the less fortunate. Eventually, she came across a helpless humanoid. One with pale skin and long ears that she did not recognize, though it appeared to share many characteristics with a night elf. Having no love for the Centaur, she saved the elf, for which the woman was grateful. She introduced herself as Zhulren.

Fariban became Zhulren’s apprentice, and learned of her identity. She also learned of the City of Zhulren, and explored its library. Discovering all the events that the society had influenced in the past, and her growing paranoia and self-loathing, the more she read these books and the more she looked through these books, the more her self-loathing grew into paranoia. Paranoia that she had no control over life, and that she still didn’t, as the apprentice of this being with near god-like control over the world.

And so she decided, she would chain the beast. She would use this organization to her own benefit… and while out on a spiritual mission… she buried her mistress alive and returned to the city. Where Laethorius questioned what happened. Fariban lied and told him that a band of harpies had slaughtered his mother. As such, the method for choosing their next leader was revealed. A test, a test of suicide. Those who wished to become leader had to take this test in order to prove themselves. Those wishing to compete would stand on a log. The log would be flowing down a river towards a 50 foot waterfall and whoever would jump off last would become leader.

Fariban went off the waterfall. Flying into the endless abyss, but… she survived. For in the mists of the falls being a druid she transformed into a great golden eagle and soared down into the water. Landing safely. She was the last to jump off the log, and as such was named the new grand master of the Zhulren Society.

The first council member is its biggest financial supporter, Aldrius Marvenberg. Once a powerful amoral human businessman living in eastern Lordaeron. Aldrius had an epiphany upon his death, when he was killed by one of his former servants who had been transformed into one of the Forsaken. He now dedicates his life to the cause of Zhulren, to ensure everlasting peace and prosperity for all.

The second council member is Aurin. The mate of Zhulren and a powerful demon hunter who follows the teachings of Illidan. He doesn’t trust Fariban, and feels much sadness for the death of his wife.
The third council member is Laethorius. Zhulren’s impulsive and greedy son. He feels that he is now the rightful leader of the Zhulren society, and will do anything to attain leadership.

The fourth member is Lethilos Dawnkiller. Once a great friend and colleague of Marvenberg prior to the Scourge. Now an even more insidious Blood Knight, intent on gaining power and influence in the world.

The three field commanders are Zulmana, Aljin, and Mxardin.

Zulmana and Aljin were two troll sisters who found themselves sailing across the sea with the orcs after the death of both their parents. They found themselves lost and alone in the new world, that was until Fariban Runetotem found them. She recognised the abilities that trolls possessed that could come in handy. Their knowledge of voodoo, and the ways of land could come in handy very much so.

Zulmana was the older of the two, and very cynical. Unwilling to trust anyone, she has however found a parent in Fariban. With her own shadow hunter powers and her tiger Khanjay, she will recruit all who deem themselves worthy. She is positioned in Kalimdor, while her sister has been granted Lordaeron and Stormwind.

Aljin is the opposite. The younger sister and a shaman by trade, Aljin is very caring and compassionate. Willing to help all and any who require it.

Mxardin Duskstrider is the third of the trio, and Fariban’s personal bodyguard. He is the descendant of Zhulren and Aurian through their second child. One who was exiled to Lordaeron. He was found by Aljin when she first journeyed to Silvermoon and was quickly recruited due to his lineage. He doesn’t really know what to think of the society, but is willing to help his friends out, to honor the name of the Silver Hand and the Holy Light.

Fawene Runetotem is the daughter of Fariban Runetotem, though she does not know that the latter is her mother. Little else is known about her.

And that’s all there is to know about the society.
Magatha Grimtotem, Sylvanas Windrunner and Fandral Staghelm would also end up being members.

Yeah, just an idea and obviously not canon.

This'll actually be a fan-fic I'll be writing. (Here.) Which will tie into Pact of the Damned. (Obviously, as at least two of the characters mentioned here, Mxardin and Marvenberg, will be/are in Pact of the Damned. )

And yes, Khanjay is a reference in memory of Tony Jay.
"The Demons did their job well. You creatures are as reckless and bloodthirsty as they ever were."

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Creating Azeroth's equivalent to the Illuminati is an interesting idea, and it seems fitting that Highborne survivors of the Sundering would found it. The leadership test seems a bit odd, though, even for a secret organization, and Zhulren should still have been a night elf when Fariban rescued her. The journey across the ocean, time, and exposure to arcane magic and the Sunwell's energies transformed the night elves into high elves. Since she stayed on Kalimdor Zhulren should be a night elf, as the night elves in Dire Maul show. You also might want to go into more detail of what exactly the society does. They seem to have some powerful members, but you haven't explained how they exercise influence over events. Also, this sentence bothered me a bit:

With her own shadow hunter powers and her tiger Khanjay, she will recruit all who deem themselves worthy.
*achem* All who deem THEMSELVES worthy? Sounds like the recruiting standards aren't all that difficult to meet...

Regardless, it is an intriguing idea, and it could be interesting to see what you do with it.
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Prove themselves worthy then.

I do agree with some of your criticisms. I had trouble figuring out how Fariban would go about becoming the leader of a Highborne organization.

I see what you mean. It's just easier to portray Zhulren as a high-elf in-game. She probably looks like a Night Elf, though you're right. The society is pretty much a high ranking financial institution that wants to keep people in line.
"The Demons did their job well. You creatures are as reckless and bloodthirsty as they ever were."
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