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Default Warcraft Reboot Pitch

Looking over WC it's sure that they didn't really plan out the series that much. There are retcons, inconsistencies, and retcons of the retcons. So, using what we have I've built this reboot:

Some Decades Or So Before Warcraft 1

We start off in Draenor, which is its world's answer to Australia. The Orcs are huddled up in their lands with the Ogres (the descendants of a dead empire) and Draenei (who are indigenous to Draenor while also being the goats we already know) in theirs. Unsurprisingly, there's battle over this mountain or that plain.

Now, along comes Kil'jaeden. KJ is a member of the Eredar, an organization of demons with legendary spellcasting (in this WC, Eredar are more like a gang or coven of demons than a single race) who are also a front for Sargeras. The Draenei got his attention through their spellcasting and now seeing a pool of new recruits he works to disrupt their society. He exploits tension between the Orcs, Ogres, and Draenei to the point he masquerades himself and other Eredar as venerable dead of the Orcs. The Orcs go and declare total war on the Draenei, which in turn pushes many of the latter to agree to elevation into demonhood with Archimonde as the first. The remaining Draenei either flee into the wilderness having harnessed their tech to sustain their guerilla war under Velen's (who said no to demon kool-aid) leadership until they get portal spells from Warlocks and jump to Azuremyst to build expedition camps where they work on their arcane feats, or are grabbed as captives for slave labourer leading to the Lost Ones escaping and hiding in the black morass/swamp of sorrow.

Meanwhile the Blackrock Orcs have been building their empire on the continent. Sargeras/Medivh makes contact with Gul'dan and Kil'jaeden, with Gul'dan and his Human counterpart working to construct a reliable portal between their worlds so that the demons can complete their Arcane feasting coup. After the portal is built, raiding parties march into Elwynn grabbing loot (especially the women) to entice more clans to go Horde. Garona is born from this and put into Gul'dan's card.

Warcraft 1

Having been long enough for Garona to reach adulthood, the Orcs finally begin their colonization scheme having secured their world. After suffering defeats against the Horde, Azeroth cements an Alliance with the Bronzebeard Dwarves. Medigeras is working to go on an eating spree of Arcane until Lothar's gang kills him to death. Durotan and almost all Frostwolves with him are killed in a conspiracy between Blackhand, his sons, and Gul'dan. Azeroth puts up a valiant fight but falls with Lothar leading the refugees.

Next post will do some worldbuilding.
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