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Default Timeline of the War in Battle for Azeroth (to be updated)

Legion: The Prelude
- The factions have enjoyed an uneasy peace since the Siege of Orgrimmar, with only some minor skirmishes.

- Both sides put their differences aside to face the Burning Legion, with Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner and High King Varian Wrynnfighting side by side. However, this cooperation ends disastrously when Sylvanas calls the retreat at the Broken Shore, resulting in the death of Varian. Warchief Vol’jin also dies of wounds sustained at the Broken Shore.

- The Young Anduin Wrynn succeeds his father as High King, which is welcomed by the Alliance. Vol’jin makes a rather controversial decision to name Sylvanas as his Successor. Sylvanas is little trusted within the Horde outside her own people, and is hated throughout the Alliance due to events including the Wrathgate Incident, the Invasion of Gilneas (which resulted in the death of Gilneas’ heir apparent), the destruction of Southshore, and the Broken Shore, as well as her use of CBRN WMD’s and Necromancy.

- The War against the Legion is mostly fought by various orders, with massive losses and mutual distrust limiting participation by the Alliance and Horde.

- Anduin Wrynn authorizes a mission to capture Sylvanas in Stormheim while she leads Forsaken forces in search of more power over death. King Genn Greymane of Gilneas and Sky Admiral Rogers attempt to turn this into an Assassination Mission. While they fail in both of their objectives they succeed in thwarting Sylvanas’ plans, rescuing the Valarjar Val’kyr from slavery.

-Despite this fiasco, Silvermoon Blood Elves under the command of Lady Liadrin, Matron of the Blood Knights, and High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind are able to grudgingly work together to support the Nightfallen Rebellion. The rebellion is able to free Suramar from Legion Control. Throughout the Rebellion the Blood Elves of Silvermoon are able to build strong ties with the rebels.

- The Prophet Velen and Illidan Stormrage of the Illidari, along with forces from various esoteric orders and token support from Blood Elves, lead an assault on Argus, where they join the Army of Light, led by Alliance Heroes Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner. This attack breaks the power of the Burning Legion. However, before his capture, the Fallen Titan Sargeras plunges his sword into Azeroth, uncovering Azerite, an exceedingly powerful and dangerous material.

- Goblins are the first to recognize the potential of Azerite, mining this resource for the Horde. SI7, the Stormwind’s clandestine service investigates this and disrupts their mining efforts. Tensions rise over Azerite.

- Silvermoon Regent Lor’themar Theron and Blood Knight Matron Liadrin successfully recruit the Nightborne of Suramar into the Horde and Cheiftain Bain Bloodhoof of the Tauren also recruits the Highmountain Tauren Tribes into the Horde. Argus Veterans Turalyon and Alleria recruit the Lightforged Draenei of the Army of Light as well as a group of Void-magic practiting dissidents from Silvermoon.

Before the Storm: the Last Attempt at Peace
- Seeking to deescalate the tensions over Azerite, High King Anduin Wrynn reaches out to Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner with a proposed reunion between Undead Forsaken and their Living Loved Ones. Sylvanas grudgingly agrees.

- The Reunion is disrupted when Calia Menethil, Heir to the Throne of Lordaeron supports and encourages Forsaken defecting to the Alliance. Sylvanas does not tolerate this and executes all Forsaken present as well as her rival, Calia. She stops short of killing any Alliance personnel, averting open war for the moment.

- Calia is raised to Undeatg through the Light. Anduin is convinced that there will be no peace with Sylvanas.

To be continued..........

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