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Old 01-28-2011, 12:20 PM
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Default Archaeology - more than meets the eye

In my case, the saying is quite literal. I'm doing archaeology as I make this post (mostly out of boredom, but after a few night elf solves I got the Bones of Transformation next in line so I was like "Hey, why not complete this one" as I know it has a really cool effect upon use) and for the first time I'm doing it while my game sounds are on, which allowed me to hear something I never knew of before. Some 30 minutes ago I was going through a dig site around Dire Maul when I heard a voice. At first I didn't quite make out what it said so I dismissed it as a nearby mob/hearing things. The Bones of Transformation require a lot of fragments so as I went along, I kept hearing voices throughout other zones as well (Uldum, Tanaris, Winterspring), then I realized that they're intended and directed at me. The voices play only at looting artifact fragments and not upon revealing the artifact itself and they sound like whispers coming from underground/somewhere around you, whispering "prophecies of doom", but are never loud. There are also 2 or even more different voices. For example the one saying "Give in to your fear" is distinctively metallic, while the one whispering "You will die" and "Your heart will explode" is normal and calm.

Now, apparently, we get to hear Old God(s) whispers as we dig out artifacts, but what's the point of all this? Is this somehow supposed to be important? Why and how would the Old Gods whisper to us through artifacts? And furthermore, why did Blizzard decide to tie in something with a possible lore significance with a secondary profession that is not essential or required at all. Was it just because they were looking for a cool way to increase Old God presence and figured that unearthing artifacts that stayed under the ground for ages while hearing whispers would be the best way and make us go "Wow, that was cool" at the same time or are there further implications and significance of what I heard.

P.S. Sorry it this has been discussed in the Archaeology thread, but I'm not following it.

P.S.S. I didn't quite want to put this in the Novice Sanctuary as I feel it deserves a bit more. I'd like to see people's opinions/thoughts on this eventually forming a discussion.

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