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Old 11-20-2012, 09:19 PM
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Default Mirror Warcraft

Here is a fun brainstorming idea that the time skip thread reminded me of. Suppose some key event of event in the Warcraft timeline was changed, causing future events to be backwards. Basically, create a mirror universe that diverged from the canon one at some point.

I'll start. I got this idea from reading Rise of the Horde when it first came out and by reading the Warcraft universe physics page on WoWWiki.

The divergence starts when a young Orgrim and Durotan were rescued, brought to Telmor, and met Velen. The twist here is that Velen is not an arrogant ass. Instead of what happened, an alliance starts to form when the draenei open up to the orcs, and start more active cultural exchange in peace. Instead of Velen being an ass and spitting on the orc's religion years later, he finds a tactful middle ground when he tells Durotan about Oshu'gun and K'ure. The orcs advance culturally into more stable nation-states.

When Talgath shows up and stuff goes down, the draenei tell the orcs about the Legion and team up (and have cookies) to resist and stop the Legion from taking over. The orcs are now useless as a draenei-killing tool. However Gul'dan and Medivh are still evil. The human nations were on the verge of civil war and all too eager for something to fight, and the Legion was always eager to annex a foothold on the world that killed their leader. So, Medivh decided to use the humans as fodder.

He manipulated them into a bloody campaign that conquered the Eastern Kingdoms, and reduced much of it to a barren wasteland. Seeking greener pastures, the humans desperately seek some way to survive, and new things to fight. So, Medivh and Gul'dan make the Dark Portal. The demons have corrupted the human nations and kingdoms of Azeroth into a bloodthirsty horde and now send THEM to kill the draenei.

From the Dark Portal in the mushroom swamps of Hellfire Peninsula, vile pink-skinned barbarians ventured forth. After seeing the bounty of this new land and bringing slain grok back, they began their war. Gross deformities, a cruel reflection of the orcish form, they assaulted the first orcs they found and started a brutal war, which the Shattered Hand clan lost.

The greatest loss to the orcs of Hellfire came when Chief Kargath Bladefist, their benevolent and just ruler, was killed as Hellfire Citadel fell under the siege and was overthrown by the human hordes. Only the valiant leadership of Watchkeeper Gargolmar, grunt errant in the Brotherhood of the Blade and a hero in the war, allowed the survivors of Hellfire to escape from their decimated homeland with their lives.

With the arrival of the Shattered Hand refugees upon the shores of Shadowmoon, Elder Shaman Ner'zhul formed a council of delegates from each of the ten clans under his guidance. Recounting terrible tales of destruction and carnage wrought by the human invaders in Hellfire, Watchkeeper Gargolmar convinced the chiefs of Draenor to unite themselves against this great threat. Despite much quarreling and debate, the chieftains acquiesced to Gargolmar and Ner'zhul, and agreed to unite their armies under the general command of Gargolma- (no, that is stupid) Blackhand himself. As the shores of Draenor had already been savaged by small bands of human marauders, Blackhand found a strong ally in his longtime friend Admiral Kilrogg Deadeye of the seaside clan-hold of Zeth'kur. Grom Hellscream, lord of the Warsong clan, was also quick to offer his support to this newly forged Alliance, sensing that the time for glorious battle was at hand. These warriors were not the only ones to get ready for battle...

As the ancient songs of old demand that the whole armor of balance be worn in the war against evil, Drek'Thar - shaman of the now destroyed Throne of the Elements - convinced the shamanistic elders of Draenor to gird their initiates and followers alike with weapons of war. As the spirits took up elements of fury to defend the land, so must the spiritual men of... also the land be prepared to combat the dark tide that was quickly approaching from the east.

From the ancient temple halls of Terokkar came the stoic draenei of Shattrath, reporting that the humans had already begun to assault their forest kingdom. The draenei offered their support in arms and ingenious technologies to the Alliance, who in turn assured them that the humans would be driven back at all costs.

The reclusive arakkoa of Skettis ventured forth from the shadowy forests of (also) Terokkar to offer their services to the Alliance. Their magiks, so closely tied to the forces of the shadow, had shown evidence that the humans had been defiling the very lands of Draenor as part of their sinister plans. The ill-bred prejudice that had existed for eons amongst the three races was put aside, and a bond was formed between these ancient neighbors. This bond would become a force known across the whole of Draenor as the Alliance.

Thus, united in arms against a common foe, the Alliance stands upon the shores of destiny and awaits the coming of the Tides of Darkness (but these waters were green, and the humans were NOT green).

Anyone have any other scenarios?
^Ignored again.

Okay. It is cool.

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It'd be nice if they actually finally gave us things they cut or under utilized 10 years ago.
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