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Old 05-08-2014, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by DerpiusMaximus View Post
I like the idea that despite being chased across the cosmos by their corrupted brethren or being corrupted into Broken or Lost Ones or facing genocide by orcs, the draenei remained resolute and strong in their convictions. They're tough bastards.
What do I found weird was that so many lost ones characters like Magtoor, and Akama were retconned into broken. Did someone think the Lost Ones were just too ugly to be friendly NPCs or something.

Originally Posted by DerpiusMaximus View Post
Also, the shamanism was very tacked on and never quite made sense (except for the Broken).
I get the impression Draenei Shamans, and BLood Elf Paladins were added rather late in development.
Originally Posted by Genesis
It's really been a case of Blizzard shitting on the Alliance and Horde storyline, but with the added bonus of the Alliance fanbase requesting to shit further on the Horde fanbase.
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