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Old 12-12-2017, 12:01 PM
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Default The Last Guardian - Breaking the cycle

The Last Guardian - Breaking the cycle

The Last Guardian is a book that was released in December of 2001. Half a year before Warcraft III (July, 2002).

It's no news that Blizzard has taken in Legion an approach to concepts that were first brought in The Last Guardian.

The most obvious examples are the Antoran Gloomhounds and the quotes we can see in Return to Karazhan:

But there's also this very curious part:

This very same concept is also approached in the book, albeit in the form of "breaking the cycle":

Back in the times of Warcraft III and vanilla WoW, one would think that said cycle or bonds of fate were referring themselves to the demons' cycle of rebirth. Breaking the cycle could mean breaking their regeneration in the nether by destroying the Burning Legion.

But now, even with the defeat of Argus, it doesn't really feel like a cycle was broken. Khadgar witnesses the outcome of the battle and doesn't say a word about it himself. That makes me think that the cycle is about something bigger than a regeneration process.

The war of the Shadow and the Light.

I had a few paragraphs written about the possibility of time looping itself and titans fighting each other, considering that The Last Guardian shows that Sargeras, as Medivh, invited Gul'dan over to Azeroth so he could retrieve his avatar locked within Thal'Dranath. I decided to not go on with them because I'm not too fond of headcanons.

Instead, here is the second part of my analysis: the Light and the Void.

Now, Xal'atath in this quote talks about a repeating war between the light and the shadow, mentioning entities that came before the draenei.

I think that's the cycle to be broken: the roles of light and shadow. By breaking the roles, the conflict is over.

We are starting to see that, with Lothraxion, a benevolent dreadlord of the light, Xe'ra, a fanatic entity and Alleria, the Locus Walker and the Ren'dorei, a portion of shadow wielders who don't actively oppose themselves to the light. As for now, at least.

The way I see it, the conflict between the titans (the Pantheon and Sargeras, and then Azeroth and Sargeras) sprawled straight from the conflict of the light and shadow -- the titans wanted to install order in the universe, and failed to do so when facing the threats from the void.

True freedom will only be achieved when the cycle between order and chaos, light and shadow is torn apart. That seems to be what Medivh was implying, and that seems to be the underlying concept between The Last Guardian -- and Warcraft, itself.

Medivh, free from Sargeras.

Azeroth, free from the Orcs.

The Orcs, free from the Internment Camps.

Ner'zhul, free from the Burning Legion.

Outland, free from Illidan.

Pandaria, free from the Sha.

Draenor, free from the Legion.

Azeroth, free from Gorribal.

Warcraft is, in its very end, a story about freedom. And it's walking towards freedom from light and shadow themselves.

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Old 01-29-2018, 03:11 PM
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I think there could have been a deeper meaning to all of this, like the titans "being evil" or something like that.

I don't think this cycle is considered anymore though.

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You mean something like Diablo's conflict?
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Medivh is a Romantic character par excellence, related to (but not restricted to) Maturin's/Byron's prototype, and certainly with a Gnostic streak. If there is a real revolutionary idealist in this setting, it's him.
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