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Old 09-11-2013, 10:29 PM
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Default Trolling WoW for Modding Justice

So hey. If this isn't the right forum, [s]I don't know what is[/s] let me know & feel free to move this topic around.

So as you may have noticed from my signature and some of my recent posts, I have an interest in Wc3 Modding, especially as it pertains to Custom Races. Especially as those pertain to Jungle Trolls. Especially as those pertain to Custom Race-enhanced Campaigns. : )

So why am I posting this in a forum which, I'm increasingly discovering, is a strongly-WoW-based forum?

Well, this is why. I've long since realized that WoW offers something Warcraft 3 could never do fully enough, for someone invested in creating as authentic a Troll race/campaign as possible... A more complete immersion in the mythos, the characters, the dialogue, the environments, the lifestyle, the culture, and civilizations of Stranglethorn Vale & the Jungle/Island Trolls in general.
- How do Trolls speak (verbally & textually), as portrayed by Blizzard, so as not to inundate players with clunky Jamaican-ese?
- How to Trollish tribes truly interact?
- What are some of the sights & sounds, flora & fauna of SV?
- What kind of buildings do they construct? In what patterns and under what circumstances?
- What kind of history do they have (that can't be gleaned from WoWWiki )?
- etc.

I have studied WoWWiki at length for the above, nearly memorized ancient Trollish history (also from what's available there), true. However, I feel there is something immeasurable that can be gained from truly experiencing it.

I am, however, going to make it clear; this is not WoW -> Wc3. I have strong opinions as to the nature of the Lore & other issues with WoW; I recognize that many elements of the setting, story, and gameplay cannot (and perhaps should not) be translated properly into the RTS setting.

(translation: there's tons of stuff I'm purposefully ignoring in WoW. I'm gathering inspiration, not looking for stuff to rip off)

Also, I'm no green tree; I've been doing this for a while now, and with work progressing so slowly, the last thing I need is a major overhaul. I'm really not looking, for example, for new units/heroes/mechanics. Maybe for some other race. I'm looking for immersion, to really re-create the feel of being Trollish in a Troll-land.

In terms of my resources to accomplish this, I have the WoW Battlechest (gifted by a benevolent brother-in-law), as well as 4-5 "free invite a friend" cards from previous purchases. I have no money for WoW, but I understand I can "play for free up to lvl 20"; I'm just not sure exactly how that works (i.e. can I play any # of characters up to lvl 20? Does the lvl cap just stop, or does it start charging me? will they begin hounding me? etc).


So my query:

The above is what I'm seeking, and what I have to accomplish it. So what can I do? How should I go about immersing myself? If it means rolling a Troll Paladin (lol, n00b) and "bubbling" myself so I can go running all over Stranglethorn Vale, woefully under-levelled, then fine. Is there a better way? Certain areas to go to? Certain people to talk to? Characters to roll, procedures to enact? Etc.


Thanks again for your help, your thoughts, and your time.
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...Triumvirate has it right.
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Triumvirate; you weird.
Welcome to the club. Have a drink on the house.
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I like this guy.
If you're interested in creating custom factions & heroes in Warcraft 3, I mod that over at The Hive Workshop (Also at

My primary Project Thread:

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The book Shadows of the Horde had some significant troll lore if you're willing to shell out for it, but side from that... yeah, rolling a troll, doing their starter zone, and then eventually heading to StV is prolly your best bet if that's relevant to your interests. Hinterlands and Quel'thalas have some Forest Troll lore too. Kellick and Shroombie are good people to ask as well.
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Old 09-11-2013, 11:45 PM
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I'll try to give you some answers, not sure why I ended up on Scrolls of Lore.

I think the whole "play WOW free up to level 20" is exactly that, you are capped at level 20, there is no charge or anything like that you can't level past level 20.

In regards to delving into Jungle Troll lore and what not, if you do end up going the WOW route, probably best if you roll a Troll (Darkspear) character and run around the Echo Isles. You can at least see some Troll/Jungle Troll architecture, although what is there on the Echo Isles is a little bit different than the ruins you find in Stranglethorn Vale

Northern Stranglethorn has a level range of 25-30 so you'd be hard pressed to wander around there, but it might not be too bad. Maybe roll a Rogue or Druid so you can stealth around, might help a little bit. Also if you can make friends with someone in game with a 2 seater flying mount they could fly you into Zul'Gurub. There aren't any mobs (enemies/monsters) in the non dungeon version (uninstanced) of the place so you would be fine to run around as a lower level and sight see.

Honestly, Zul'Gurub is probably what you're looking for (the Ruins of Zul'Kunda in Northern Stranglethorn are also pretty large but also full of mobs /hostiles). Even the outside of it/entrance leading up to Zul'Gurub and Bambala the encampment nearby it are worth checking out.

One other suggestion I'll make, simply because it's within the 1-20 level range you'd be within. Go to the Ghostlands and check out the Amani Catacombs. Sure it's basically a Forest Troll burial ground, but I ran through it a few times in 1st person view when my Death Knight was a Troll to take in the sights. I think the only other similar Troll type catacombs is in Northrend.
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Old 09-12-2013, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Triumvirate View Post
SI have no money for WoW, but I understand I can "play for free up to lvl 20"; I'm just not sure exactly how that works (i.e. can I play any # of characters up to lvl 20? Does the lvl cap just stop, or does it start charging me? will they begin hounding me? etc).
Hello friend!

* You can play any number of characters, each up to Level 20.

* It will not automatically start charging you when you reach Level 20; it will show a little reminder that you have reached the Starter Edition cap and that you must pay to unlock the full game or something. You can continue playing these Level 20 characters as long as you want, but they won't gain experience.

* Your Money cap is 10 Gold. This is not enough for Battle Pet Training but is enough for, say, a flight to Dalaran from your local Northrend port. Strategize to make sure you don't earn more money after reaching 10, because that money vaporizes. Go and spend it instead before earning more.

* You will have access to every Profession except Archeology. Your Profession skill cap is 100. That'll burn away faster on some skills than on others, let me tell you!

* You will have access to all races in the game. Note that the Level 20 cap means you'll be able to complete all of the "starting zones" for every race except the Blood Elves and I think the Draenei?

* You will have access to every class except the Monk and the Death Knight. For the Death Knight, you can actually create your character from the starting screen but it will not let you start with the character.

* You can theoretically visit almost any place in Azeroth, though it's going to be very, very unpleasant in the higher zones. Be prepared to march a step and die, resurrect, march another step and die, rinse and repeat, in the zones that'll have Level 40+ enemies against your Level 20.

* You cannot visit Outland (Draenor), since the Portal won't let you pass at so low a level. I don't think you can go to Pandaria either... doesn't it require Level 90 or something? Something above 20. You can likewise go to the Caverns of Time, but your level is too low to go to any of the past instances.

* You can speak with other players. You cannot trade items or join guilds.

* I've fought at the Tol Barad battleground, but most battlegrounds are too high-level to participate in.

* The Dungeon Finder says I can go to these Classic Dungeons: Deadmines, Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, Shadowfang Keep, Blackfathom Deeps, and Stormwind Stockade. I queued on one to see what it was like. Nothing happened for, like, a minute. So I queued out; no time to waste on foolishness like that.
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