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Old 06-04-2017, 03:04 PM
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Default Wonder Woman Movie Review (Spoiler)

I firstly came to know Wonder Woman from Lynda Carter's TV series, after that I've watched the DCAU animated series and . my favorite is Lynda Carter's image+ the plot and seting of the 2009 film. I was worried about the live action movie after it was going to be set upon the WWI era, but after watching it, I'm pleased. Some fans might not like it and I understand it. Overall, it suffered from the BVS setting but tried its best to get away from that mess.

DCEU's bad reputation mostly came from the over the top "dark and realistic" elements and unable to tell a clear story. They also wanted to set Wonder Woman on that path. Set her origin story on WWI era was a big mistake, not to say let her "stay away from humanity due to some previous clash". I'm not saying a superhero movie can't be dark or about mistrust among ordinary people, but it shouldn't be the main focus before they've built enough setup. When the main focus was to build up the Justice League and fight Darkseid, there shouldn't be too much infighting among the heroes and ordinary humans.

Same for the real life world war. Superheroes are not something a real world could have, not even Batman. They only work in their own universe. It might be ok to put them in WWII or Cold War in the 40s or 60s' comics, but not today and not in live action movies. Unlike Captain America, Wonder Woman's origin doesn't need to stick with WWII or WWI.

So after BVS' failure, DC finally learned their mistake and try to wash off the "dark elements" which is why we see in the movie, that the WWI setting was pretty blank. Some scenes are silly, like Steve could sneak into the party without any makeup and talk to Dr. Poison face to face without suspicion when the Germany could send spies to track him down in London. Most of the main characters have survived, that's quite merciful using the standards of a war movie.

Another thing is feminism. They set Wonder Woman on WWI era probably because Women gained right to vote around that era. Sure, Wonder Woman has been the comic symbol of feminism for a very long period. The 2009 animated movie did a very good job on the topic. It showed that men and women should work and understand together. But putting such a fictional warrior-princess in such real life event is not a good idea. So the movie didn't focus on feminism too much. Maybe they originally got some plans for the character Dr. Poison but later gave up on her. German women got the right to vote on 1918. Marie Stritt was a very important figure in the world wide feminism movement as well.

Overall, Wonder Woman don't mind too much to show her power among ordinary people, even among the front line. Yeah that was unrealistic but it's superhero movies, it would have been much better if they didn't set the background in WWI. We don't come to see something like a daddy got sucked into tornado and not let his Superman son rush in. The "disappointment on humanity" was resolved quickly. It's acceptable. It's pointless to stick into "superheroes dislike each other or dislike human" too much. Especially after what we saw from the "Martha" line.

As for the Mythology part. The Amazon island scenes were flawless. Wonder Woman lack of a very memorable villain and Ares is pretty much the only choice for a big blockbuster. In the mythology, Ares and the Amazons got very good relationships. Hippolyta and Penthesilea were both his daughters. But in DC comics, Ares/Mars has been the archenemy of the Amazons since the 40s. The movie Ares probably was the weakest part. The casting sucks, Ares was supposed to be a very handsome and strong figure. The armor sucks as well, it looks silly and bucky. His goal was hard to understand, it would have been much better to put a Darth Vader trope than what we've got. Who would truly believe the god of war, the one who had killed his family would want peace?

The fight was similar to the BVS one. Too much special effect magic rather than close combat, the turning point came way too sudden and awkward as well.

Steve is probably the best thing of the movie, great characterization and acting from Chris Pine, without his performance, Gal Gadot's acting skills would not be able to handle the movie. Gal Gadot did ok I will say, still not pleased with her acting.

Overall, this Wonder Woman is a good popcorn blockbuster film, it got away from the silly "dark and realistic" theme. The movie could have been much better without the previous setting from BVS. They would never have done the same setup had they know the bad feedback of BVS. I hope the sequel will be much better.

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