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Old 04-20-2019, 05:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Reinhardt View Post
but anyone that speaks about running for election (which is how you actually get laws passed) get threatened by death threats.
Okay, so that's very interesting if true. I didn't read that in the tumblr post or googled article. Death threats from the government?
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Old 04-20-2019, 08:08 AM
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No, members of the movement.
It does not have ideology coherency, so every times someone pretends to speak for it some people feel betrayed and act out.
Probably just loud mouths, but it was enough to stop any political list to emerge from this
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Old 05-02-2019, 09:23 PM
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The new president is on a march to exterminate Brazil's universities

At least one (big) university won't be able to open its doors for the second semester if they keep the 30% budget cut.

Official note of the Florestan Fernandes Academic Center of the Social Sciences course - UFPel

The representatives of the Florestan Fernandes Academic Center, together with the Coordinator of the Social Sciences Course, Patrícia Rodrigues Chaves da Cunha, met in the meeting with the Rector of the Federal University of São Paulo, on May 2, two thousand and nineteen. Pelotas, Pedro Rodrigues Curi Hallal, with the objective of obtaining information about the 30% budget cut in the budget of all federal universities in Brazil announced by the Minister of Education of the Bolsonaro misrule, Abraham Weintraub, last Tuesday, thirty Of april.
The official position of the rectory on the subject is that, if there is no retreat by the government in this measure, UFPel WILL HAVE ITS DOORS CLOSED IN SEPTEMBER THIS YEAR. Regarding the structure of the university, the cuts will reach all categories of outsourced sectors, such as: surveillance, portarias, university restaurant, transport and general services provided to UFPel. Another sector of structure reached by the measure is the supply of electric energy in the institution. We will not have enough money to pay for the electricity bill. Finally, the measure will DIRECTLY reach the research, teaching and extension scholarships, harming its existence.
It is important to point out that the budget cut of R $ 5.7 billion initially would reach only the federal universities of Bahia, Brasilia and Fluminense, and that this cut was a political retaliation for these institutions, which were against the misgovernment Bolsonaro. For legal reasons, specifically that of administrative impropriety, the misrule decided to extend the cut to all federal universities in the amount of 6.9 billion reais.
The rector explains that the UFPel has no budgetary margin for the realization of these cuts and that for this reason, in September, the UFPel will dawn behind closed doors.
It is with great regret that the CAFF communicates and makes public to the entire academic community of UFPel and Pelotan society the reflexes of the measures taken by the education minister and the Bolsonaro misrule. Federal universities are, at their maximum, the home of knowledge and scientific knowledge and beneficial to society as it provides technological, social and cultural advances for all. The position of misrule is very serious because the objective is to promote a real dismantling in free public education.
We ask all and all to mobilize, communicate and combat these measures, understanding the importance of the federal university, showing society as a whole how important and necessary we are in the economic and social development of Brazil.
If Jair Bolsonaro's authoritarian misgovernment makes use of lies to promote and achieve his goals, may we, united, be able to fight him with truths.
Finally, we would like to thank Mr. Rector Pedro Hallal for his willingness to assist us in this delicate moment of Brazilian higher education and to invite the entire community to the Council of Academic Centers and Directories to be held this Saturday, with a single agenda the mobilization of UFPel students.
Translated using Google, so there may be a few grammar mistakes here and there.
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Old 05-03-2019, 12:59 PM
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Makes me wonder if Brazil is about to enter the brain drain stage or if Ballsnero is going to go all Pol Pot.
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